Monday, March 18, 2013

Donde Estoy...

 On Friday, we had a home school day, so that allowed time to have meetings to plan for next year. It's bittersweet to think of how things will be changing.

I started writing about the bittersweet happenings... people coming and going... Things changing and staying the same... where I am and where I am not, but the bottom line is that I'm right here, right now - I'm not there yet...

Here I was this weekend, exploring a part of this city for the first time :)

Going up the teleferico...

 On top of the Avila


Friday, March 8, 2013

News is news...

We've been mostly contained to the house.

Caracas has been quiet - this is so abnormal.... a friend once described Caracas as a city of sensory overload... always smells...always sights...always sounds... always.

My mother told me how she couldn't sleep very well when she came because there were always sounds that she was not used to. I suppose I have just become so accustomed to it that I don't really notice anything as much. I know when to put on my head phones... I know when to plug my nose and just breathe through my mouth... I know what wet spots to avoid on the street... I know the cars, I know the people of my neighborhood, I know the parts of this city that I frequent.

Today was silent.
Not a sound.
Not a bang.
No music.
No chatter

That is... until 7:30ish... it began with one pot, followed by a few other pans... and then a full pot and pan ensemble ensued. Fires that lacked the 'works' (as far as I could see) were the bangs of some sort of firecracker device. Apparently, it's a normal custom to bang pots and pans when there is a political happening that you disagree with.

We live in a neighborhood that is mainly supportive of the opposition. Maduro, the vice president, was getting ready to be sworn in as interim president. It's a very controversial issue here.... We sat around a tv and listened.

For now, everything is still pretty tranquil... We'll see what the next few weeks and election shall bring.

In news... 
No puede ser....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I know every one wants to know what is going on here...

Yesterday, Hugo Chavez died.
Speculation... Espionage... Corruption... Deception...
 Who truly ever really knows anything?
Armed guards monitored the local grocery store.
People cried, people celebrated.
Fireworks... crowded streets... in houses... complete peace

This is a picture that a friend posted of Sabana Grande... on a normal day, you push through the crowds and street performers to walk by.

We are out of school until at least Monday. The country is under 7 days of mourning.
We awoke today to go to the grocery store to "stock up" in case there becomes a food shortage... This is not the way I live, so thinking in this manner is... not me.

Until then, we have a 5 day weekend vacation.
Weather is perfect.
Life is lovely.

I changed my room around - just so I could have a better view of the sunrise every morning.

My window is just an open space with bars and open glass... no curtains, not necessary. I live with the sun.

View from my window...
Caracas, Venezuela
Day 1

La Sonrisa... 
the morning smile glimpse 
 I never want to miss.

Friday, March 1, 2013

My Class Is Awesome

Today, we invited the Kindergarteners to our class to read with us... 18 students in my tiny room, and they were amazing. I never had to redirect them or remind them of anything once.... Oh, being a proud teacher makes me smile :)