Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This is Venezuela...

Friday was scheduled to have our second Fusion - late in the afternoon we were told that a fumigation process was going to be coming on campus at 3pm to take care of our mosquito problem.... T.I.V. 3pm = 3pm-8pm, so we decided to cancel Fusion for the evening. At 3:20pm, as soon as all the students had left, the company called and canceled the appointment altogether. T.I.V.

On Saturday, we gathered as a staff around a campfire... roasted rainbow fruity marshmallows, stuck them in between some oreos and/or vanilla cream cookies, and made some Venezuelan s'mores! We sang songs together and played some campfire games (which I lost!). It was such a nice time shared together. I came with a hoody to be 'bundled' around the fire, and then remembered.... Oh yeah, this is Venezuela - off came the hoody and down came the sweat :) Totally worth it.

New roommates!

Some past days....

Kelsey needed a hair cut... T.I.V.
Baby Eli!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

That's How Love Works...

1 month in.... Wow, and the only reason I believe it's been that long is because on Saturday I went to to the 1 month birthday party of Baby Eli, our newest ICS community member :)

Busy would be an understatement.

This year I am teaching 6th (World Geo I, Bible, & Math), 7th (World Geo I & Bible), and 8th (World Geo II & Bible). I am loving my classes :)

Elementary strategies in a secondary classroom is pretty fun... Wall Talk

I am sponsoring Fusion - our secondary school youth group - and running a student leadership Fusion team. We had our first Fusion last Friday... we had a GREAT turn out, and the kids had a blast!


I am mentoring a high school lady during my lunch period.
I am tutoring two days a week.


...to sun down...

 These days are surely jammed pack.... But it's the little things that always seems to bring a smile to my face. This has always been my favorite part of my run in the concha - finally, I have captured it with more than my eyes...

Anything you work at with all your heart is always worth the work.